Given our media expertise, we understand the requirements of the media and advertising industry. Vyoma has spent many man-years innovating a media solution that will appeal to advertisers. We have the ability to provide our advertisers the visual appeal of electronic and digital media, the reach of print media, the scale of the Indian Railways, the cost of local media and the accuracy of the Internet media.



With measurability being a critical issue for advertisers, Vyoma has developed a proprietary monitoring software – RTM (Real Time Monitoring), which gives advertisers ‘real-time’ log data on the exact number of ad slots getting played along with the number of eyeballs across each station. We upload content remotely which ensures a quick and efficient turn around for clients and we have one of the most advanced NOC dashboards to monitor our displays on a real-time basis. This ensures maximum uptime and quantifiable reach to an advertisers’ target group.