Our Displays

We understand the requirements of the media and advertising industry. Our displays provide brands with the visual appeal of both electronic and digital media, the reach of print, the accuracy and speed of the internet whilst leveraging the scale and diversity of the Indian Railways. Innovation and analysis of data is what drives us and so does our overriding vision that we are the one true amplifier of social media content. From our unparalleled reach, our screen technology, our real time client reports to our proprietary products we are future ready to meet our clients demands.

For Brands

We understand brands – after all we have worked with over 500 since the company started over 11 years ago. We are truly sector agnostic and have worked with clients across FMCG, Automobile, Healthcare, E-Commerce, BFSI and Tourism to name a few. This is not including our Government work where we have successfully implemented numerous campaigns for various Ministries across the country.


Our foray and on-going partnership with the Indian Railways started 11 years ago in Bangalore. Today, our displays are present across 16 States and 375 locations in Tier 1, 2 and 3 markets. We are also proud to be the market leader in key states such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We are uniquely positioned to advise clients on customer demographics at each of our locations which helps to enhance brand impact and effectiveness.


We are currently present across the entire Metro network in Kolkata. Our presence spans all the 24 stations where we have installed a total of 233 intelligent displays. Kolkata Metro was the first metro railway in India and is currently the second busiest in the country with approximately 700,000 commuters travelling daily. Our displays support and recognise 14 different types of daily ticket transaction and payment methods and also show information in multiple languages such as English, Hindi and Bengali.


We are currently present in Bangalore where we have put up 35 intelligent displays at platform bays across 11 bus depots. In a first of its kind initiative, we have developed the software that displays Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation’s (BMTC) Passenger Information System. Our technology not only ensures real-time information such as weather and bus updates is visible but also makes the entire journey easy to understand and more interactive for the everyday passenger.


Coming Soon

Vyoma Innovation Labs

We believe in Innovation. Backed by cutting-edge technology and multiple data touch-points, our dedicated in-house team strives to create meaningful products for our clients.

In developing numerous industry ‘firsts’ our Laboratory acts as a unique testing ground for creating innovative campaigns and experiments that not only build viewer engagement but also encompass everything DOOH, AI, IoT, and Cloud.

Why Us

Vyoma Media started with the intention of captivating audiences on the move and enable brands to engage with their customers in the out of home space. Since our inception, we have rapidly grown to become India’s largest digital out-of- home solutions company. With a reach of over 133 million per month, we have progressively strived to integrate technology and creativity to turn brand awareness into engagement and adoption. Built on the foundation of providing highly visible content and effective reach, our platform backs it up with real time monitoring, measurement and intuitive audience insights which enable brands to shape their customer journey and keep them relevant at all times. We have been successful in delivering performance-based impact to our client partners across sectors. We currently operate across 17 states in India with our digital outdoor network spread over 400 locations with more than 2100 digital displays.

International Partners and Recognition

We are proud to be the first Indian company to be associated with the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA). Through this association we have taken the initiative of building awareness and credibility of the digital signage market and elevate the impact of the medium through real-time adoption of technological advances.

Our Founder and CEO, Shriranga Sudhakara has also won numerous awards for his entrepreneurial approach and has also been a regular invitee of various Ministerial discussions and conclaves.

Unparalleled Reach

We engage with over 4 million eyeballs a day – that is what we can do. Our unrivalled network is across 17 states and 400 locations and counting.

The transit space is becoming the new battle-ground for advertisers with approximately 80 to 100 million people commuting daily. Our business proposition is gearing up to be your preferred partner in the urban transport space.

Our Display Technology

Our displays are intelligent, localised and connected. As a brand you get 70% visibility on our displays whilst the remaining 30% is complemented with customer information.

Real-Time Engagement

In today’s visually cluttered world, a guaranteed captive audience time of 8-10 minutes is what you get.


We believe that measurability is critical to show effectiveness. To this extent we have developed a number of proprietary monitoring softwares and products for the benefit of our partners – RTM (Real Time Monitoring), which gives advertisers ‘real-time’ log data on the exact number of slots getting played along with the number of eyeballs across each location. We upload content remotely which ensures a quick and efficient turn around for clients and we have one of the most advanced NOC dashboards to monitor our displays on a real-time basis. This ensures maximum uptime and quantifiable reach to an advertisers’ target group.