About Us



If you've been a frequent visitor to our website and have been keeping tabs on us you might have noticed something different. On the other hand, if you're new to our website and just curious to know more about what we do then please do allow us to narrate a brief story on what's new.

As we're in our 10th year of operations, we've been doing some reflecting on how far we've come and where we want to be. Our vision of being the only partner of choice for brands who want to reach out to consumers on the go has always been our driving force since our inception. This founding ambition still remains our core focus however we as a company and the digital out of home industry at large have undergone transformational changes over the past decade.

We now live in a world that is even more cluttered. Brands that are constantly competing for top of mind recall and consumers that are surrounded by multiple choices and touch-points to influence their decisions and thoughts.

Yes, we were and have always been delivering insightful and impactful data driven solutions. Yes, we engage with over 4 million people a day through our intelligent displays and yes we have had over 500 clients and counting.

Although these numbers are undoubtedly impressive and have formed a integral part of our business proposition there was however an overriding sense that we needed to showcase how we have evolved with the times to both external and internal stakeholders.


What you see today is a new logo that reflects our on-going journey, core philosophy and business proposition.

We wanted our partners and stakeholders to recognise the tremendous advances the industry has witnessed but to also showcase the huge influence digital and data are now playing in enhancing consumer engagement.

The pixels represent screens and the distinctive micro-chip outline represent technology. The end result being an identity that reflects the on-going integration of technology on our displays and the engaging solutions we provide our partners and advertisers.

Throw into the mix the vibrant colours and you make the new Vyoma or 'V' as we're starting to term it achieve a identity that not only stands out but importantly reflects who we are.


This is only just the start for us in what promises to be an exciting time for the DOOH industry. Disruptive technologies like Geo-fencing, Programmatic and Contextual advertising are set to amplify reach and effectiveness.

We are already expanding to other transit verticals which will only enhance our existing offering even further. Our reach will be unrivalled.

We will continue to develop unique products for our clients that build further engagement. Our insights and analysis will be unprecedented.

And lastly, we will endeavour to ensure we're delivering impactful and measurable campaigns and continue to combine the power of data and digital on our displays.

This is the future of Vyoma and our promise.