We understand the requirements of the media and advertising industry. Our displays provide brands with the visual appeal of both electronic and digital media, the reach of print, the accuracy and speed of the internet whilst leveraging the scale and diversity of the Indian Railways.

We engage with over
120 million eyeballs a month. Our unrivalled network is across 16 states and 382 locations currently

Are intelligent, localised and connected. We give you 70% brand visibility on our displays whilst the remaining 30% is complemented with customer information

We guarantee a captive audience time of
10 minutes which allows brands to communicate their messages in an effective and meaningful manner

Satisfied Clients
Intelligent Displays

We believe in innovation and setting benchmarks

We are proud to be the first Indian company to be associated with the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA). Through this association we have taken the initiative of building awareness and credibility of the digital signage market and elevate the impact of the medium, through real-time adoption of technological advances.

We are ahead of the curve, when it comes to the creation and implementation of new products within the Vyoma offering. Uniquely, we have an in-house Innovation Lab that allows us to create unique ‘Go-To-Market’ products to help our clients measure effectiveness and increase viewer engagement.

What sets us apart

We harness data to help brands effectively reach their target audience.

An understanding of consumer behaviour allows us to leverage engagements in real time and make a truly lasting impression on your audience.

Intelligent use of data
Drive Consumer Behaviour
Real Time Engagement
Social Media Amplification

Client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about our solutions

Initially we advertised on Vyoma for a 1 month ‘Mega Sale’ campaign. The feedback has prompted us to extend our campaign for a longer duration.

Vyoma Media gave us an ideal medium to reach out to the mass segment. They gave us excellent creative ideas which were customized for the railway audience. This is the best digital OOH medium we have come across so far.

The telecom space was a crowded space when we entered Karnataka and we were looking at innovative mediums to make our mark in the new market. Vyoma Media was ideal to reach out to the youth in an effective manner.

HCG was a new hospital and we wanted to educate people about cancer, thereby creating a recall for brand HCG. Vyoma offered us a very unique platform to reach out to the masses.

Our brand recall tests revealed a tremendous spike after our campaign with Vyoma. The participants surveyed even commented on the medium’s uniqueness at effectively conveying a message.

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