Vyoma Media enables brands to engage with their consumers ‘On the Go’ through our platform and avail the opportunity to connect with over 100 million consumers each month, says Shriranga Sudhakara, Managing Director, Vyoma Media.

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL) recently partnered with Vyoma to build Self Ticketing Zones (STZ) at railway stations across Mumbai.

In a conversation with exchange4media, Sudhakara spoke about the recent partnership, challenges faced by the DOOH players and trends that will drive the DOOH industry.

Vyoma Media’s platform backs the partnership with real-time monitoring, social media amplification, measurement and intuitive audience insights which enables brands to shape their customer journey and keep them relevant at all times, he said.

Speaking on Vyoma’s journey, Sudhakara said: “From changing content on our displays through pen drives, 10 years back, to now having all our displays connected and managed through the cloud, and having the intelligence to deliver content based on audience profiles, we have come a long way as a company and as an industry.”

“Today Digital OOH is not just an extension of an OOH campaign, but brands are using it as part of their overall campaign to connect with their consumers in a smart and efficient manner,” observes Sudhakara.

Elaborating on the factors that differentiate Vyoma from other players, he said, “We are a digital only company and our attributes are closer to a digital platform where content delivery happens seamlessly based on audience profile. Hence our entire team is constantly thinking of solutions that we can offer to brands. OOH companies are trying to convert to digital, but converting a site to a digital screen does not make them digital.”

“At Vyoma, we don’t have the baggage of having to convert from OOH to Digital OOH and there is a massive mindset gap and that is our differentiation. As the growth of Digital OOH accelerates in the years to come this gap will widen,” he added.

Commenting on ZEE’s partnership with Vyoma to set up Self Ticketing Zones at Railway Stations, Sudhakara said: “We have launched India’s first Self Ticketing Zone (STZ) across Mumbai local stations in collaboration with ZEEL and ZEE5. With the number of daily railway travellers steadily growing and the lines at ticketing counters getting longer, these QR code enabled STZ is the need of the hour and will prove a vital public utility. Vyoma and Zee fundamentally shared the common vision to build a world class digital platform and they have signed a year-long deal with us for these zones which are owned and operated by us.”

According to him, STZ is a game changer for any OTT platform or digital brand that is focused on transactions as it can ensure continuous engagement with its audience along with the ability to collect data and re-target communication.

Vyoma, which has a pan-India presence across 200+ cities, provides customised digital OOH solutions to brands and work across categories. They work towards the brand objective and even in a tough economic environment this year, brands like Xiaomi, TVS, ITC Foods, ZEEL and LIC have continued to spend and in fact increased spending on their platform which shows the effectiveness.

Vyoma Media has unveiled a study titled ‘An Audience You Can’t Ignore’ last year.

Speaking about the takeaways from the report, Sudhakara said, “The biggest take away is that 83% of railway commuters are short distance or suburban travellers. Everybody thinks of Indian Railways only in terms of long distance travel but it has got a high frequency engagement opportunity for brands. The same person who travels every day from Andheri to Churchgate is also traveling by flight from Mumbai to Delhi. 300 times more people travel in railways each day as compared to flights. 70% of them have smartphones and Xioami is the market leader with 25.5% market share amongst the travellers.”

Going beyond just demographics the report builds a persona of the traveller to get a more meaningful understanding of his or her interests and purchase insights.

Commenting on the challenges faced by the DOOH players in the country, he said: “Lot more high quality digital OOH assets have to come as the industry has not yet reached a critical scale. Once scale comes in content, technology and data will all fall in place and brand adoption will happen in a big way. Agencies and brands need to take a leap of faith and start investing across these platforms.”

Commenting on the trends that will drive the DOOH industry moving forward, Sudhakara said, “Keeping the brand at the center and coming out with customised solutions to address the brand objective is key. Digital OOH has the power to achieve this as relevant content can be published throughout the purchase journey of the customer. There is disruption happening in content consumption and Digital OOH has the power to become the most important omni-channel for brands.”

“Vyoma will continue to lead the industry and build unique product offerings to brands in 2020,” Sudhakara concluded.Read More



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