In a fast-evolving world, consumer behaviour is changing and marketers need to keep up with them to engage with them better.

Sunder Madakshira, Head Marketing, Adobe feels that technology has become a very integral and a defining factor for marketers. Speaking at the BW Businessworld Marketing Whitebook Summit 2018. He said it is important to utilise adequate knowledge of the latest technology across various sectors to enhance business thereby catering the consumers irrespective of the geographical boundaries, age and individual choices.

Dr. Annurag Batra, Chairman, BW Businessworld in his welcome address drew attention to leadership with a very strong statement iterating the point of gender equality in the market space today. He said,” leadership is changed today and it cannot be characterised to any gender. Leadership is about taking the right decisions at the right time, as the role of a decision maker is to make a brand successful taking advantage of today’s available digital data and technology. Today, being authentic and doing things with purpose is important and we need to learn the art of marketing from the outside world, other than the marketing and business industry. It could be various industry segments and not only marketers. We can learn from filmmakers, creative people, travel or real estate industry, and of course technology industry. The point is to analyze the available data that can be processed to harness the consumer needs.”

Held at St.Regis Mumbai on July 20, 2018, the one day summit brought with it intrinsic insights on Marketing with Leadership, Inclusion and Technology.

Shriranga Sudhakara, Founder & MD, Vyoma Media spoke on the transformation of the Indian Rail Traveller and highlighted that about 9 billion people travel on railways in India and the scope to capture this consumer database, out of which 83 per cent consumers travel in short distance and suburbs, wherein 25+ crore data points are analysed based on the commuter data from the ticketing counters, interactive ‘call to action’ campaigns and across physical surveys across railway stations.

Ashok Kumar Gupta,Chairman, Zirca Digital Solutions, spoke on Business Is Marketing & Marketing Is Business. Having worked across various industries like real estate, financial services, as an adviser and an advertising and media professional, Gupta iterated, “We need a skillset in all sectors but more than that it is important that we are open to imbibing the new technologies and analysing its impact on the market and the customer, so the flexibility in approach is ideal to bring in change, that is irrespective of any age or technical background of a marketer.” Read More

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