The last panel of BW Businessworld’s The Growth Leadership Conclave 2018 brought together some of the innovative entrepreneurs from the SME industry to discuss the definition of a great company and resilient entrepreneurs.

Moderated by Abhijeet Saxena, Founder, Mobilox & Zonnet included panelist like Amitabh Biswas, Co-Founder, Aveantho Raj Choppers, Viraj Kalyani, CEO, Kalyani Studio and Shriranga Sudhakara, Founder & MD, Vyoma.

“We don’t have the bandwidth to focus on multiple aspects as an SME. We need to ensure that we don’t get sucked into multiple factors and execute first what we were set out to do. We brought in an international product in India but we are trying to make it cheaper and user-friendly. There were so many times where I would feel tempted initially to provide good discounts and provide benefits to the consumers but it was important for me to concentrate on our agenda and be consistent in order to become resilient entrepreneurs,” said Amitabh Biswas while discussing the factors that make a resilient entrepreneur.

Viraj Kalyani opined that along with creating a favorable environment for employees, keeping a track on finances is also highly important.

“We had a purpose of creating high technology jobs in India along with homegrown technologies. To be resilient entrepreneurs we must have employees who are on the same page with higher executives. It also our responsibility to create a culture and atmosphere for our employees. When it comes to resilience you need to keep an eye on financials and the more you work on that your resilience improves accordingly.”

“The definition of greatness involves many words but it is the founders that can define what greatness is for their organizations. SMEs can become great companies but every company needs to internalize the definition. I feel that today people love doing new things and consumers keep demanding unique products as well. Hence for a company to maintain it’s consistency, they should have a pipeline of innovative products,” said, Shriranga Sudhakara.

The panel concluded by stating that providing consistency is key in order to become resilient entrepreneurs along with having a track of finances and providing innovative products and services to the consumers. Read More

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